We appreciate working with people, promoting their development towards a creative and self-critical responsibility. Our clients benefit from decades of experience we have in various corporate positions. This enables us to accompany them when it comes down to creating and testing new ideas.



More than 20 years of professional experience in top management positions of international groups results in being good at defining causes and solutions.



„Our work is greatly shaped by the skill and readiness to recognize and understand our clients’ emotions, motives and personality traits.“



A broad range of certifications and trainings beyond the core task of coaching make us think out of the box.

Close to the Client - Client’s Requirements: We build bridges between rejection and Acceptance.
Marian Dermota

Our Assets

Broad Professional Training and Long-Term Experience in Management Positions of International Groups.

Marian Dermota’s CV


What is coaching about?

  • Help for self-help
  • The client is the expert on his or her problem.

What’s the benefit of coaching?

  • Psychological stress will be diminished
  • Self-reliance and self-reflexion will be strengthened
  • Alternative solutions and creativity will be fostered

What’s the benefit for the employer?

  • Support for the Staff Members
  • Potentials Will be Enhanced
  • Efficiency Will be Increased

Coaching Philosophy

The client’s authenticity is to be reinforced. He or she has to be enabled to work out his or her very own solutions by recognizing their capabilities. The employer will benefit from the staff’s handling their tasks in a solution-oriented way with complete autonomy.



Training – Seminars – Workshops

MD Consult provides inter alia taylor-made workshops in the following areas

  • Conflict Management
  • Communication
  • Change Manangement
  • Team Performance
  • And much more

Furthermore we take a vivid interest in developing staff members. There we mainly focus on

  • Customer Orientation - Benefit Concepts
  • Creativity in Problem Solutions
  • Team Delegating- How? Granting Benefits to Individuals and Groups
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Simple Steps Concerning Stress Management
  • Motivation - How to handle it towards the employees?
  • Listening Skills
  • Presentation Techniques

Modern Tools

Modern Tools facilitate getting us quickly to the point.


Specific aids

They will get applied precisely in the specific context of the situation.



Our trainers’ long-time experience will be beneficial for employee development.






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